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(1) October 31, 1892 (2) (3) October 31, 1892 (4) October 31, 1892 (5)
Declaration_of_intention_001.jpg (186085 bytes) 

"Declaration of Intention" (top half)

Shows that August first came here in May of 1889. 

Augusts' letter of intention to become a citizen. 

Danzig_Germany_postcard_001.jpg (50078 bytes)

postcard from Danzig Germany circa 1935

 August_document_1_001.jpg (112446 bytes)

"Certificate of Intention" 

<----- close up on bottom section showing the date of August becoming a citizen is Oct 31st 1892

Cert_of_intention_August_K_001.jpg (190729 bytes)

Certificate of intention to become a citizen for August Kolodzaike

Family_Crest.jpg (72162 bytes)

Danzig crest with our family name put on by my son Chris Kelsey

Make a very coop background for your PC or cell phone.


(6) Suevia  (7) October 23rd 1896 (8) October 24th 1896 (9) October 24th 1896 (10) April 17th 1915
Suevia_Ship.jpg (35459 bytes)

This is the ship August Kolodzaike and family came to America on. They left Hamburg, Germany on May 5th 1889 and arrived NYC May 20th 1889. My grandfather was with them and was only 11 months old. But, he was still born in Germany.



naturozation_august_23_oct_1896_001.jpg (206313 bytes)

August Kolodzaike. Why are the names spelled about 3 different way?

Certif_Naturalization_John_Kelsey_001.jpg (202594 bytes)

Middle part shows August was Naturalization on Oct 24th 1896. Paper states having lived in the US for 5 years.

Also shows John Kolodzaike changed his name to Kelsey on the side margin.



US_citizen_August_Kolodzaike_001.jpg (126851 bytes)

Intention to be Naturalized / citizenship papers

Death_Johanna_Neitzel_001.jpg (182564 bytes)

Certificate of death for Johanna Neitzel. Her DOB was Oct 2nd, 1833. Birth place Germany. Father and mother "unknown"

(11) Date and place? (12) May 23rd 1907 (13) April 4th 1917 (14)  (15) October 4th 1917
 august jr tony leo and joe 001.jpg (308925 bytes) 

August (Jr), Anthony (Tony), Leo, Joe Kolodzaike

Marrage_John_Kelsey_001.jpg (160276 bytes)

John and Elizabeth's wedding. Problem, john lists his age for the wedding as 22. That would make his DOB 1885? not 1887

note, he got married 2 days before his birthday. Born 25th of May.

baby_ruth_18_month_dead_001.jpg (118866 bytes) 

Church records of interment for Ruth died at 18 months. 

  Certif_Naturalization_John_Kelsey_001.jpg (202594 bytes)

Certificate of Naturalization for John Kolodzaike / Kelsey Also shows when John changed name on May 18th 1917.

(16) November 11th 1921 (17)  (18) October 26th 1927 (19) July 17th 1939 (20)
death_otelia_kolozake_001.jpg (118318 bytes)

Certificate of death for Otelia Kolodzaike. (as spelled on form)

The name was typed "Kolseika" twice on the form and crossed out. She was only 58 years old. Mother Johanna Lewinski born in Germany. Father name was August Neitzel also born Germany.



August_move_grave_001.jpg (75192 bytes)

August_move_grave_of_anna_N_001.jpg (63830 bytes)

August moving Johanna Netzel's grave and his wife's Otilia's grave

Death_August_Kolodzaike_001.jpg (175342 bytes)

Certificate of death for August J. Kolodzaike.

Points are: widowed wife's name was Odelia. His DOB March 4th 1861. Birthplace Dantzig, Germany. His fathers name was John Kolodzaike and Mother was Mary Conklin. Person giving info was Martha Wallace, his daughter. Buried July 20th.

(21) John and Elizabeth (22) Danny's wedding (23) Danny's wedding (24)  (25) 
John_and_Eliz_1941_001.jpg (86465 bytes)

John and Elizabeth Kelsey on left. June 21st. 1941

with Noras? and Paul Gardner. Son Joe's in-laws

At #5 Elsie Place, Buffalo, NY

dan_and_joe_kelsey_001.jpg (40354 bytes)

Danny's wedding to Edith Charnock. Joe is to Dan's side (inside photo)

danny_os_wedding_001.jpg (89741 bytes)

Danny's wedding to Edith Charnock
(outside photo)

(26) 1900 Census Ohio (27) 1910 Census Ohio (28) 1920 Census Ohio (29) 1930 Census Ohio (30) 1940 census Buffalo
1900_cences.jpg (334968 bytes)

1900 census showing August Kolodzaike and family in Ohio.

1910_cences_page_1.jpg (240453 bytes)

1910_cences_page_2.jpg (242378 bytes)

1910 census Ohio. This census the last name is spelled with a T in and John is married and listed under the rest of the family w/ wife + kids

1920_cences.jpg (307661 bytes)

1920 census Ohio

You see the Blanchong family lived next door


1930_cences.jpg (287980 bytes)

1930 census showing August Kolodzaike and family in Ohio.

Frank_kelsey_1940_cences_pg_1.jpg (217051 bytes)

Frank_kelsey_1940_cences_pg_2.jpg (219461 bytes)

1940 census showing the John Kelsey family

(31)  (32)  (33) June 17th 1957 (34)  (35) 
  Watch1.jpg (31921 bytes)

watch2.jpg (35063 bytes)

The watch John F. Kelsey was given for 50 years of service on the RR.

death_john_kelsey_2_paper_001.jpg (66494 bytes)  

Newspaper death notice for John F. Kelsey. Notice says "would have received his gold watch that night but died that day"



Grampa_John_Obit.jpg (125896 bytes)

2nd. Newspaper death notice for John F. Kelsey.

(36) Joe Kelsey - A (37) Joe Kelsey - B (38) Joe Kelsey - C (39) Joe Kelsey - D (40) Joe Kelsey - E
joe_001.jpg (56621 bytes)

Joe and ??

joe_1940_something_001.jpg (30865 bytes)

Joe and ?? Sept 12, 194?

Joe_son_Michael_001.jpg (58091 bytes)

Joe and son Michael

joe_and_paulette_1942_001.jpg (34650 bytes)

Joe and Paulette 1942

Joe_and_two_others_001.jpg (34404 bytes)

Joe setting and two other 1940 Bond's Lake. It'd near Lewiston, NY 14132

(41) Frank P. Kelsey (42) Frank P. Kelsey (43) Frank P. Kelsey (44) Frank P. Kelsey (45) Frank P. Kelsey
Frank_in_Amsterdam_c_1955_001.jpg (41340 bytes)

Frank P. Kelsey Amsterdam c 1955


Frank_in_clun_Germany_may_14_1955_001.jpg (41756 bytes)

Frank in a club Weiden Germany c 1955

frank_holy_family_2_001.jpg (37352 bytes)

Frank Kelsey (next to the S in school) c 1952

Frank in germany c 1955 001.jpg (172481 bytes)

Frank Kelsey in the MP hat. Germany c 1955

Franks_2_day_pass_001.jpg (58989 bytes)

Frank's leave May 3rd and 4th was a Tuesday and Wednesday 24 hours in Frankfurt Germany.


(46) Frank P. Kelsey (47) Frank P. Kelsey (48) Frank P. Kelsey (49)  (50) 
Frank in German club 001.jpg (150600 bytes)

Frank and Art c 1955


Frank_c_1955_001.jpg (35729 bytes)

Frank and Art c 1955

Frank_in_Germany_2_001.jpg (39770 bytes)

Frank and friend Art Denzeler c 1955

(51) August Kolodzaike (52) Otelia (Netzel) Kolodzaike (53)  (54)  (55) 
august K 001.jpg (462998 bytes) otilia_Netzel_001.jpg (26850 bytes)